What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS), which allows users to create dynamic websites and blogs. WordPress is the most popular blogging system on the web. It allows you to update, customize and manage the website from its content management system and its components. This tutorial will teach you the basics of WordPress with which you can easily create websites.

WordPress Training in Dilsukhnagar:-

This tutorial has been prepared for those with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS who want to develop websites. After completing this tutorial, you will end up with a moderate level of expertise in developing sites or blogs using WordPress.

Basic WordPress Training Dilsukhnagar – Course Syllabus

WordPress Basics

  • WordPress – Home
  • WordPress – Overview
  • WordPress – Installation
  • WordPress – Dashboard.

WordPress Settings

  • General Setting
  • Writing Setting
  • Reading Setting
  • Discussion Setting
  • Media Setting
  • Permalink Setting
  • Plugin Setting

WordPress Categories

  • WordPress – Add Category
  • WordPress – Edit Category
  • WordPress – Delete Category
  • WordPress – Arrange Categories

WordPress Posts

  • WordPress – Add Posts
  • WordPress – Edit Posts
  • WordPress – Delete Posts
  • WordPress – Preview Posts
  • WordPress – Publish Posts

WordPress Media

  • WordPress – Media Library
  • WordPress – Add Media
  • WordPress – Insert Media
  • WordPress – Edit Media

WordPress Pages

  • WordPress – Add Pages
  • WordPress – Publish Pages
  • WordPress – Edit Pages
  • WordPress – Delete Pages

WordPress Tags

  • WordPress – Add Tags
  • WordPress – Edit Tags
  • WordPress – Delete Tags

WordPress Links

  • WordPress – Add Links
  • WordPress – Edit Links
  • WordPress – Delete Links

WordPress Comments

  • WordPress – Add Comments
  • WordPress – Edit Comments
  • WordPress – Moderate Comments

WordPress Plugins,

  • WordPress – View Plugins
  • WordPress – Install Plugins
  • WordPress – Customize Plugins
  • WordPress – Host Transfer
  • WordPress – Version Update
  • WordPress – Spam Protection
  • WordPress – Backup & Restore
  • WordPress – Optimization
  • WordPress – Reset Password

WordPress Users

  • WordPress – User Roles
  • WordPress – Add Users
  • WordPress – User Photo
  • WordPress – Edit Users
  • WordPress – Delete Users
  • WordPress – Personal Profile

WordPress Appearance

  • WordPress – Theme Management
  • WordPress – Customize Theme
  • WordPress – Widget Management
  • WordPress – Background

Basic WordPress Training in Dilsukhnagar Reviews

iTecMania is the best institute in dilsukhnagar for wordpress. Mahesh sir is the best interactive faculty i have ever found when during my training sessions. Sir covers all the topics of wordpress. He also provides realtime scenarios in class on regular basis so you can be practical at your job place.

Mr.Phani (subbmitted to wordpress training in dilsukhnagar )

I am happy to say that i am a student of iTecMania, is the best place to take Basic wordpress training in Dilsukhnagar, under the guidance of Mahesh sir. He teach lot about Subject and other things like The implementation process of our ideas. Every one like mahesh sir way of teaching and way of connecting to the students.

Safia (subbmitted to wordpress training in dilsukhnagar )

One of the best institute for wordpress training in Dilsukhnagar is the iTecMania. The only person I have seen who is so passionate about Digital Marketing & teaching which is Mr mahesh sir. He changed my way of approach in wordpress. I don’t have enough words for thanking him. Thanks mahesh ji.

Kamal Prakash. (subbmitted to wordpress training in dilsukhnagar )

The way Mahesh sir explain the topic is awesome. He is having a very good command on every topic. He has such some amazing approachment I have ever seen. He know the best way to teach the subject. I’d recommend to my friends that to join iTecMania & to anyone who are for wordpress & Digital Marketing Training in Dilsukhnagar.

Ahmad (subbmitted to wordpress training in dilsukhnagar )

WordPress Training in Dilsukhnagar
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